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Coronavirus Doesn’t Have Legs to Find You Home – Tom Close 

by Andrew Shyaka
4:20 pm


DR Thomas Muyombo a-k.a Tom Close

R&B singer /Dr. Tom Close cautions the public to stay indoors, follow MoH directives to stay home, the effective way to prevent corona pandemic since it doesn’t have legs to find you home.

As a musician who has got a strong voice in the society, Dr. Thomas Muyombo alias Tom Close advised the public to stay at home and respect government directives towards the pandemic.

The talented R&B crooner joined the national campaign to curb down the prevention of coronavirus which has become a global pandemic.

“Coronavirus doesn’t have wings to fly, legs or a car to find you home. But we can walk from home and contract it through meeting people or touching where a corona patient has touched or left saliva,” says Tom Close. 

“Let’s stay at home, protect ourselves, wash hands often and avoid unnecessary movements because coronavirus is a real killer disease but preventable.” 

Rwanda, so far has registered 60 Covid-19 cases and the government through medical practitioners is working hard by treating patients as well as sensitizing citizens to prevent the pandemic by all means.

The multi-talented Tom Close is not only a medical professional but, he is also an author of children’s books. He wrote “Ana Umukobwa w’intangarugero” literally meaning (Ana, the exemplary girl), a book that tells the story of Ana, a diligent, polite girl and many more which are on the market.

Afrobeat singer and medical doctor, Tom Close has been around and has seen the music industry undergo different phases over time. Ever since coming onto the music scene with his debut album Kuki in May 2008, Tom Close has become a household name.

Currently he slowed down on recording music due his demanding assignment as  head of Kigali center for blood transfusion.

He prides of songs like Kuki, Ntibanyurwa, Mama w’abana featuring Radio and Weseal and many more.

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