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Hike Prices At Own Risk, Officials Warn Businesses

by Williams Buningwire
6:01 pm

Minister of Trade and Industry Soraya Hakuziyaremye

Authorities from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Private sector federation of Rwanda (PSF) have warned traders against hiking prices.

They were also requested not to use substandard materials amid coronavirus(COVID -19) outbreak.

The official statements from the private sector body (PSF) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry come after the general public complained about the hiking of prices of various products.

Sanitizer products, among others, hiked prices following the official statement about the outbreak of coronavirus.

“In the event of a potential shortage of goods in stock and delay of the delivery of goods, you are requested to engage the management of PSF. This will help to ensure the availability of adequate goods at the markets,” Part of the official statement from PSF reads.

The official statement that urges traders not to hike prices of goods from PSF was released on Monday 17.
According to the statement, traders who engage in substandard goods will face penalties as per the law.

In the same scenario, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has warned traders against hiking prices of goods, produced locally or imported in the country and issuing of uneven receipts to clients.

“Considering reports from various markets in Kigali and some markets located in upcountry, showing a pointless increase in prices of goods, with traders claiming shortage, because of the outbreak of COVID -19.

Ministry of Trade and Industry is warning traders against pointless hiking of prices, avoid false measurements and issuing of uneven receipts to clients,” the statement reads.

“Traders should avoid hiking prices whether locally produced or imported. We ask them to facilitate supervisors when they visit them,” the statement further reads.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry revisited prices of essential food commodities in Rwanda including rice, sugar, bananas, maize and cassava flour.

Other goods are Irish potatoes, beans, butter, among others. For example, 1 kilogram of rice should buy from Rwf1000 to Rwf1200, a 50kg bag of sugar should buy from Rwf37500 to Rwf 39500.

For local produced sugar(Kabuye), clients should buy 50kgs at Rwf40,000 to Rwf42,000, bananas 1kg at Rwf230 to 300, Irish potatoes at Rwf230 to 300 per kilogram and bananas 1kg from Rwf230 to Rwf300.

“The ministry requests the general public to report any unnecessary hike of prices for a quick sfeedback. Traders involved shall be punished in accordance with commercia laws,” trade ministry said.

To report any case of hiking prices, false measurements, among others, a complainant should call a toll free number 3739.

An Update on COVID -19 issued by the Ministry of Health said that two additional Coronavirus cases were identified through positive tests on Monday, bringing the total of confirmed cases to seven 7.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus in markets, PSF says there should not be unnecessary overcrowding in markets or shopping centers.

The body advised that a distance of one meter among customers and the dealer is ‘a must’.

To contain further the spread of Covid-19, efforts have been intensified including the closure of public and private schools, putting sanitizers in public places, among others.

Rwandans have been urged to follow specific preventative instructions including washing hands regularly, avoiding large gatherings and reporting any coronavirus signs and symptoms on 114.

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