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Miss Rwanda Part Ways With Management Team

by Andrew Shyaka
9:57 pm

Miss Rwanda 2020(Middle)

Newly crowned Miss Rwanda Naomi Nishimwe kicks out her entire management team (Rwanda Inspiration Back-Up) and takes control of all the responsibilities regarding her projects and appearances as reigning Miss Rwanda.

Miss Nishimwe’s letter to her management team shocked Rwanda Inspiration Back-Up boss and team which has been managing crowned beauty queens for the last 4 years.

Kigalitoday’s journalist while chatting with the head of Rwanda Inspiration Back-Up, Dieudonné Ishimwe seemed surprised by the news.

KT: Why did you people separate?

Ishimwe: What are you talking about?

KT: I mean the letter Miss Rwanda just posted on her social platforms.

Ishimwe: Okay, I saw it.

KT: What could be the reasons of breaking up anyway, and isn’t she her rights to change the management?

Ishimwe: Hahahah, let me see….end of chat.

Last week, we contacted Miss Naomi for a radio interview and she directed us to talk to Ishimwe, but surprisingly when contacted he remained mute which is unusual to the person who was always quick to reply regarding to the interviews in previous years.

The gesture showed that there’s something going on in the camp which is not right depending on the gap between two parties.

Miss Rwanda organization has been criticized for being corrupt for years, but it is not yet clear if it’s the real reason why Miss Naomi dumped the management.

Nishimwe beat 19 contestants. Umwiza Phionah and Umutesi Denise became first and second runner-up respectively.

Like her predecessors, Miss Naomie Nishimwe departed with plenty of awards including a car – Suzuki Swift, courtesy of Rwanda Motor. She was also put on a Rwf 800,000 monthly salary for the next twelve months, on top of other bank services.

Replacing Nimwiza Meghan – Miss Rwanda 2019, Naomie who entered the competition as a candidate from City of Kigali comes to implement a project to fight breast cancer.

Naomie Nishimwe is the 7th Miss Rwanda since Rwanda Inspiration Back-up started organizing the competition and managing crowned beauty queens.