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Rwanda Confirms Six New Covid-19 Cases Including 10 Month Old Baby

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:21 pm

Rwanda has confirmed six new coronavirus Covid-19 cases, most of which from foreigners and nationals freshly coming from countries that were affacted way earlier than Rwanda.

The number brings the total cases to 17.

The age of the new cases is included between ten months and 32 years old.

One case include a French national lady aged 30 and her 10 month old baby. The husband to this lady was infected some days ago, reads the communiqué from Ministry of Health which provides daily update in evening.

Another case include a male Swedish national aged 26 who arrived in Rwanda on March 3,2020 and he exhbited symptoms on March 18,2020.

Three other cases involve three Rwandan men aged 32 years(2) and 24 years(1).

One of those aged 32 years arrived at Kigali International Airport yesterday from Dubai, and straight away exhibited symptoms when he was tested at the airport.

His agemate is used to travel to foreign countries, but the ministry does not indicate whether he recently traveled. He exhibited symptoms on March 18,2020.

The 24 year old Rwandan arrived in Rwanda yesterday via Doha-Qatar and exhibited the symptoms.

“Patients are being treated at the designated facilities. We are tracing for the contacts to take care of them in accordance with ministry of healh instructions,” writes the Ministry of health.

No wonder, the increasing of imported cases informed country’s decision to suspend all flights in and outside Rwanda for an initial period of 30 days effective tonight, 11:59 PM.

The decision does not affect the cargo places and aircraft in emergency operations.

The Ministry reminds the general public to sustain hygiene’s good practices with handwashing among others, and to maintain a social distance of one meter.

The world counts 272,056 covid-19 cases including 170,138 cases and 101,918 closed cases.

Covid cost life to 11,300 people including 3,248 deaths from China and 4,032 deaths from Italy, now the most affected.

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