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Coronavirus: 5 New Cases As 5 Recover

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:49 pm

Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije. The Ministry has a very important task of speareheading Covid-19 pandemic

Rwanda has confirmed five new COVID-19 cases bringing the total to 143 cases, while five COVID-19 patients recovered.

This brought the number of recovered patients to 65 while the number of active cases remained 78 cases for two consecutive days.

The five new cases were registered from 760 tests that were conducted today.

“All Active cases are in isolation in stable condition,” reports the Ministry of health in a new report format introduced Friday – April 17.

“The Covid-19 prevention measures announced by the government should continue to be rigorously observed, especially frequent hand washing and staying at home,” requests the Ministry of Health.

The cabinet on Friday extended the Covid-19 lockdown until April 30. The measures that were previously put in place remain as they are.

No unnecessary movement, no public transport in Kigali and between districts of the country, no shops except those selling food commodities, hygiene equipment and other necessities, fuel stations, medical facilities and farming-and related activities among others essential activities.

The Ministry further reminds the general public to remain vigilant and avoid any risk of contamination, while also reporting any information that would lead to tracing of contacts of Covid-19 positive case.

Withholding such information and jeopardizing public safety is punishable by relevant laws, according to Ministry of Health.

On FriodThe number of Covid-19 cases reached 2,232,624 people worldwide. The number of deaths has eached 153,292 people worldwide.

United States of America is by far the biggest victim with 36,889 deaths in total. Today, the country registered 2,272 deaths.

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