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Covid-19: Police Digitises Application For Movement Clearance

by Williams Buningwire
12:38 am

Rwanda National Police(RNP) has digitized applications for movement clearance during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Initially, applying for a movement clearance during the COVID-19 lockdown was manual and it required an applicant to visit a nearby police station.

People going for essential services including pharmacy services, banking services, funerals and emergencies, and shopping will have to get this clearance.

Also having to apply, are those seeking some services that were not initially included among the key services.

“For example, you may need a plumber for maintainance of water infrastructure at home. That plumber will need the movement clearance,” said Police Spokeperson CP Jean Bosco Kabera.

The applicant will log in www.Mc.Gov.rw or dial *127# by mobile phone and then follow the procedures.

To apply for the movement clearance permit, the applicant is supposed to have a national identity card(ID) and the telephone number.

“The applicant is supposed to explain the reasons for movement and his/her vehicle number plate, explain the departure/return time and date submit, and wait for the response,” Police explains.

“You will receive the notification message from the police for approved movement, or rejected movement. The message will be presented to the police officer on your way upon request.”

The government continues to call for strengthened measures that intend to control Covid-19 pandemic.

A national lockdown continues until April 30, unless otherwise. The public is concerned that the lockdown may be extended, a worry that started on Friday when 22 new cases were confirmed from cross border truck drivers and their assistants.

On Saturday April 25, seven more were confirmed, also from that same group. This brought the number of Covid-19 cases in the country to 183.

So far 88 patients recovered.

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