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Rwanda Recommends Use of Face Mask

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:20 am

DR Sabin Nsanzimana, the Director-General Rwanda Biomedical Centre-Left- preaching by example.

Rwanda has recommended its citizens to wear face masks as local firms are set to start manufacturing them as soon as possible.

Rwanda’s Health Minister Dr. Daniel Ngamije said that the government asked private companies to manufacture face masks to serve the community.

Ngamije has said that wearing face masks in public is now mandatory, as a measure to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

“All citizens must wear face coverings when they go out and even at home including when social distancing is not possible,” Dr. Ngamije said on national TV.

To make this possible, Rwanda Food and Drug Authority (FDA) released the list of 24 local firms permitted to officially manufacture masks among other Personal Protection Equipment (PEP).

Some of the confirmed companies include 21 garment factories and women based crafts businesses which will produce barrier masks, while among them three firms will produce surgical masks, one company (Fablab) will produce face shields and another one (Pink Mango)will produce coveralls.

The move comes at a time when demand for masks has increased since the first case of Covid19 was recorded in Rwanda this March 14.

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