Former Information Minister and Senator, Prof. Laurent Nkusi Passes On

Professor Laurent Nkuzi at parliament-file photo

Former Senator, Minister of Information and academician, Professor Laurent Nkusi succumbed to illness last night aged 70.

Prof. Nkusi is one of the figures that served the country selflessly since 1970s.

Among others, between 1976 -2000, he was  Professor at National University of  Rwanda before moving to the cabinet where he served as  Minister for Land, Resettlement &Environement between 2000 -2003 and Minister of Information in Prime Minister ‘s Office between 2003-2008.

Between 2009 -2011, he was Vice-Rector  Academic at INATEK / Ngoma.

From 2011 INATEK Laurent Nkusi joined the Rwanda Parliament-Senate representing Private Universities.

Late Prof. Laurent Nkusi holds a Doctorate in Literature and Human Sciences.

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