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Muyoboke’s ‘Big’ Loss 

by Andrew Shyaka
11:34 pm

Celebrated artist manager Alex Muyoboke laments that he will never get good paying contracts like the ones he had secured before Covid-19 outbreak.

“I had secured huge deals where I was going to earn over $17000 equivalent to Rwf 16.2M,” Muyoboke said. 

The former boss of Tom Close disclosed that, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, he had purchased over 700 brand new wireless headphones to use in D R Congo and Congo Brazzaville respectively. 

Muyoboke told KT Press that he had expectations of reaping 16.2M in profits as the two countries have never experienced a silent disco.

“Covid19 dug a deep hole into my pockets; before the pandemic I had signed two contracts in DRC and Congo Brazzaville to stage two silent disco gigs and I had purchased 700 wireless headphones to sustain them. But the pandemic outbreak put everything on hold yet I had cashed out lots of money to make the gigs historical,” says Alex Muyoboke.


“It’s a loss worth millions that I will never recover. But you know life is a precious thing. Let’s pray hard and adhere with  government instructions until the new normal.

Comedians, event organizers, musicians and the entire art industry lost millions of money which haven’t been calculated well because the pandemic is yet to slow down. Musicians like Safi Madiba recently confessed that the crisis made him lose over Rwf 14M due to cancelled shows in the USA and Canada.

Although he signed with Empire records recently, Muyoboke admits that life is not good at all because he was used to surviving on music shows as well as managing artists.

Alex Muyoboke for years has scouted, nurtured music talents and managed local music titans like Meddy, The Ben, Tom Close, Dream Boyz, Social Mula, Urban Boyz and Charly Na Nina.