The Ben to Bring Back Struggling Brother on Music Scene

Music star The Ben has vowed to bring back his younger brother rapper Green P on the music scene through a collabo and much more. 

This comes following hundreds of comments on his recent picture with Green P, where followers begged him to recuperate his brother’s faded career.

The R&B sensation told KT Press that he is ready to do everything including a collabo and guidance to bring back Green P musically.

 “I believe in Green P’s music talent and I have got lots of plans to make him come back musically not only by doing a collabo with him, but also guiding him into the right path to shape his music career,” says The Ben.

Green P was recently released from jail. The former Tuff Gangz rapper was jailed for abusing drugs.

He is known for songs like Kandagira abanzi, Inkuta, Zunguza and many more featuring other established artists.


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