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Actress Uwamahoro weds longtime boyfriend

by Andrew Shyaka
3:15 pm


Uwamahoro and longtime boyfriend Kayiteshonga tied the knot in New York, U.S

Rwanda’s best poet, actress and musician Angel Uwamahoro, who prefers to call herself ‘Malaika’ is officially off the hook after legally tying the knot with her longtime boyfriend Christian Kayiteshonga in the United States.

Uwamahoro and Kayiteshonga tied the knot in a civil wedding that took place in New York City on August 20.

The ceremony was attended by several family members and few invited guests due to the New Coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

Malaika has been dating the photographer and filmmaker, commonly known as Chris Kayite on social media since 2012 and the two decided to upgrade their relationship from a mere girlfriend-boyfriend status to husband and wife.

In a conversation with KT Press via whatsapp, Malaika revealed that she is officially Mrs Shonga and she sounded really happy about the milestone. The duo has been love struck over the years, sharing moments of their blossoming love with their social media followers over the years.

“Yes, we did a civil wedding and officially we are the Shongas,” Malaika confirmed to KT Press

According to a close friend of the couple, the two met in 2012, when Malaika was one of the judges doing Miss Rwanda 2012 pre-selection in Musanze district, Northern Province.

They later relocated to North America to pursue further studies and working on their love affair, which has now metamorphosed into a marriage.

The besotted couple is over the moon after saying ‘I do’.

Malaika is arguably one of the best poets, writer, dancer and actress in Rwanda, having officially turned her passion into an actual profession and pursing a career in what she loves.

She has also managed to grace many stages including some attended by high profile people like heads of states, top notch actors and actresses and global figures.

She is also Rwanda’s best export to Hollywood and the Broadway in New York, where she has featured in a number of films, documentaries and musicals, setting a high standard for young Rwandans who would like to pursue a career in the arts.

The young actress has managed to perform in front of high-profile audiences in the United Nations, African Union meetings and other high-ranking meetings. Through her career, she has rubbed shoulders with Hollywood stars, super models and heads of states.

Some of the movies she has acted in include ‘Shake Hands with the Devil’, ‘Un plan parfait’, ‘Loveless Generation’, ‘Notre Dame Du Nil’ and her high profile one woman play ‘A Miracle in Rwanda’.

Malaika joined Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company in 2004 when she was 15, after performing in a play she had written, and winning Best Actress, Playwright, and Singer Award that was awarded to her by the First Lady, Jeannette Kagame.

In 2004, she was part of the original cast of ‘Africa’s Hope’, Mashirika’s flagship stage production and perhaps also its most internationally toured stage play when it was first unveiled to a packed audience at the Amahoro National Stadium.

Uwamahoro has one several awards for different roles in films or plays and stands out as one of Rwanda’s best poets.

She has also been part of the group’s annual festival ‘Ubumuntu’ and many other acts which gained global attention.

The award-winning actress is currently based in New York City, USA, where she is also working on new movie projects. Congratulations to the couple.


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