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Stop Dragging the Youth Into Evil – Jay Polly to Artists

by Andrew Shyaka
9:46 pm

Jay Polly at KT Radio

Self-proclaimed King of Hip Hop Jay Polly real name Joshua Tuyishimire revealed that, most of today’s songs played on television and radios are deepening the youth into bad habits like drinking alcohol, sex and drugs, instead of promoting societal values.

The Ndacyariho Ndahumeka singer publicly accused musicians releasing such songs to be just money grabbers.

Polly did not point a figure to any artist or a song, but claimed to have told them personally since most of them have worked with him in previous years.

“Most of these songs coming out are full of messages enticing youth into bad acts like sex, alcohol and prostitution. The authors might be targeting money but there is a way we can earn from our songs through positive songs that promote societal behaviors,” says Jay Polly

On 1st January 2019, Jay Polly walked out of the prison after serving six-month jail sentence over domestic violence. Ever since, he has been engaged in projects aimed at building a harmonious society.

Recently he featured in a song called ‘Hope’ with Grace, a.k.a Da Queen which calls people to help out vulnerable children.

Some of the songs that have been mentioned by concerned parents to be luring youth into bad acts include, Igare by Mico The best, Ubushyuhe by Dj Pius, Saa Moya by Bruce Melodie, Micro by Davis D and Do Me by Marina&Queen Cha which talks about the benefits of having a sugar daddy.

Jay Polly boasts of songs like Ni nde, Ibyiza and many others including Too Much featuring various musicians like Urban Boyz, Bruce Melody and Uncle Austin.

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