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Bamporiki ‘Ready to Resign’ If His Ministry Supports Songs that Promote Fornication Tendencies’

by Andrew Shyaka
10:41 pm

Edouard Bamporiki

Minister of State in the Ministry of Youth and Culture Edward Bamporiki has said that his ministry will never support artists with songs that promote fornication and other awful messages. In the event this happens, the State Minister said he is ready to resign.

Bamporiki disclosed the information on Tuesday morning while appearing at Radio 10 in a morning show dubbed  ‘Zinduka’ where he discussed lots of topics concerning youth, particularly touching on musicians with explicit music lyrics and videos.

This came following trending songs like ‘Igare’, ‘Ubushyuhe’ and ‘Saa Moya’ which are said to be laced with sexual lyrics. The songs have been criticized by many especially parents, believing the songs are full of explicit sexualised lyrics and videos which could lure youth into engaging in sexual activities.

“Being one of the leaders in the Youth and Culture Ministry, I can’t accept any suggestion to support an artist promoting fornication. If it happens, I can quit my job because I don’t believe in this,” says Minister Bamporiki.

“History would hold me accountable if I do support it.”

Bamporiki also argued that, since COVID-19 lockdown, musicians let down their fellow citizens by composing songs that only intend to lure the youth into sexual intercourse yet they could have used the opportunity to communicate important messages. He went ahead to mention examples like singer Bruce Melodie.

“Bruce Melodie is famous but he might lose the fame and fans because of the style of music he is doing currently,” Bamporiki said, referring to the singers most recent hits such as ‘Saa Moya’, which are said to carry sexaulised lyrics.

Recently singer Bruce Melodie, who wrote the famous ‘Saa Moya’ song, which was made even more popular by the 7pm curfew, confessed that he was producing sexually-laced songs but he intends to stop producing songs with sexual content, urging music fans to support his move.

“I heard controversial comments about my music especially ‘Saa Moya’ song from various people and I have decided to take a break from producing such songs and venture into music promoting culture and I hope they will continue to support me,” Melodie said.

Minister Bamporiki is not the only public figure to condemn the overly sexualised songs which have become a trend in recent months.

Rapper Jay Polly also warned fellow musicians to stop producing music luring the youth into fornication and concentrate on music shaping Rwanda’s youth and future in general.

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