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Rwanda: All Sport Activities Resume

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
5:56 pm

All sport activities in Rwanda are allowed to resume effective September 28, the Ministry of Sports has announced, ending the six-month lockdown that severely affected sports clubs and federations at large.

A couple of weeks ago, the cabinet had allowed individual sport activities to resume after assessment approved by health officials. The same procedure was also followed before allowing all sports to resume.

“We are glad to inform you that after assessing the measures you will follow as the sports activities resume, either during training or tournament in regard to COVID-19, sports activities are allowed to resume effective September 28, 2020,” part of the communique reads.

Prior to opening, Sports federations were required to first present their training and tournament’s schedules to the Ministry of Sports to request for authorisation.

The Ministry reminded all the federations to make sure that they put in place strong safety measures that will prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the sport’s practising community and the fans at large.

Without loosening on the fight against COVID-19, Rwanda is reopening several businesses that were closed and never reopened a single day since the last six months.

On September 25, the cabinet announced the gradual reopening of schools. On September 26, the Minister of Education clarified that the cautious and gradual reopening will start with the tertiary education downwards and will follow the readiness of each and every institution.

The cabinet also removed Rusizi district from lockdown. It was the only district of the country that had remained in COVID-19 lockdown since the last six months.

Relaxation of COVID-19 measures follows a notable decline in new cases of the pandemic.

The latest update indicates that on September 27, the country registered 9 new cases and 8 recoveries.

The total COVID-19 active cases have increased to 4,820 while recoveries are 3,099 and deaths, 29.

There are still in Rwanda 1692 COVID-19 active cases.

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