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Singer, Songwriter Mico The Best Set to Open A Studio ‘Very Soon’

by Andrew Shyaka
6:18 pm

Singer Prosper Turatsize alias Mico The Best is in final stages of opening up his own studio where he will be writing records purposely for sale after years working as a ghost- writer to many local musicians.

According to Mico The Best, the idea came in play after realizing his other talent of penning down good songs is not exploited as it should be due to doing it shoddily.

Speaking to KT Press, Igare hit maker revealed that it’s time to make his song writing skills official to public as a brand.

“I have been writing songs for years in my house and trading them to musicians but few people knew it because I didn’t make it an official business like singing. But now, I will be having an address where my products will be found by anyone who wishes to purchase,” says Mico The Best.

“I am soon opening up a studio whereby artistes will be able to find me, discuss the ideas of what they want to sing about and then after I pen down songs for them on a certain fee agreed upon.”

Mico The Best has been writing songs for various artists.

Established artists like Alpha Rwirangira TPF multiple winner came out in public to name him as a genius song writer ever in music arena.

On the other hand, Mico The best is known for pitching attractive and meaning lyrics accompanied by quality beats and Melodies.

His song Igare was one of the hot summer hits played most on every radio and television stations across the country.

Other musicians known for being good writers include rapper Bull Dog, Clement Ishimwe, Riderman, Sintex and Danny Vumbi.

The singer went ahead to disclose to KT Press that writing songs is a lucrative business which is still ignored by few individuals gifted with special skills.

“We have few people in the industry well equipped with skills to pen down hit songs but they are still doing it like I used to do before I opened my eyes. Like recently, if I say that I wrote ‘Saa Moya’ song by Bruce Melodie for more than Rwf 1 million, you wouldn’t believe but it’s true,” says Mico The Best.

Mico has penned down records for established artists like Safi Madiba, Bruce Melodie, Juno to mention but a few. He is also known as an energetic performer on the stage and skilled producer.

The singer is under also Kikacs management headed by Dr. Kintu together with another ballistic song writer Danny Vumbi.

Mico The Best started his music career in Super Level record label which was owned by Urban Boyz where he produced some of his hit songs like Umutaka.