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RURA, WASAC Boss Dropped, Vincent Munyeshyaka Returns As CEO at BDF

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:11 am

Vincent Munyeshyaka new BDF CEO

The cabinet meeting that was convened at village Urugwiro-December 14 has appointed a new Director-General for the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority(RURA) and the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Rwanda’s water provider, the Water And Sanitation Corporation(Wasac).

Dr Ernest Nsabimana was appointed Director-General of RURA replacing Col Patrick Nyirishema whose latest decision on public transport tariffs did not please the community. The tariffs were revised after several complaints raised by the general public.

Dr. Nsabimana until yesterday was the Vice Mayor in charge of Urbanization and Infrastructure at the City of Kigali.

In WASAC, Alfred Dusenge Byigero was appointed CEO replacing Aimee Muzola who left the issue of water supply pending- City residents are yet to get sufficient water where in some areas, water comes from time to time.

WASAC has always blamed this failure to satisfy the clients on poor/old infrastructure, but water loss and billing issues are not yet solved either.

In other appointments, at Rwanda Housing Authority Felix Nshimyumuremyi was appointed Director-General and Noel Nsanzineza, Deputy Director-General.

Also bouncing back is Vincent Munyeshyaka, former Minister of Trade and Industry who was appointed Chief Executive officer of Business Development Fund(BDF).

His deputy was also appointed and that’s Rosalie Semigabo, the Deputy CEO.

At the Financial Intelligence Centre, Jeanne Pauline Gashumba was appointed Director-General with two heads of programmes.

At the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Biomedical Centre, several division managers and heads of programmes were appointed and those include Julien Mahoro Niyingabira,  who was appointed Rwanda Health Communication Centre Division Manager.

Dr. Thomas Muyombano who is also known in the world of artists was appointed Blood Transfusion Division Manager among other appointments in several ministries and institutions.

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