Late Prof. Kigabo’s Young Brother Dies As Family Arranges Burial of Deceased Economist

Sophany Gicondo

Sophany Gicondo, a brother of late Prof. Thomas Kigabo has passed on as the family arranges the burial of the deceased economist.

Local media reports that 55-year-old Gicondo was living in Australia where he relocated last year with his family.

He has been battling a disease and when he learned about the death of Professor Kigabo, his situation worsened, a family member was quoted as saying.

Kigabo, Rwanda central bank chief economist passed away on January 15. He succumbed to COVID-19 in Nairobi-Kenya.

“Ever since Gicondo could hardly manage to speak until yesterday evening when he breathed his last.”

Close family members told the media that the burial of Professor Kigabo is due today. Gicondo had written strong words in memory of Kigabo, according to a pamphlet we have seen this morning.

He said God preferred to harvest Kigabo first and paid tribute to him for having helped him overcome several challenges in life.

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