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A New Media Organization Offers to Address Social Media Shortfalls

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:13 am

Celestin Ntawirema, RJSD spokesperson

A group of local journalists will next week launch an organization aimed at training YouTubers while also helping upcoming journalists to access necessary information as they build up their career.

Recognized as non-profit organization, the Rwanda Journalists for Sustainable Development (RJSD) will officially launch its activities on February 25, 2021 on social media Livestream.

Celestin Ntawirema, RJSD spokesman said that the young journalists need advocacy and assistance since they don’t easily find media houses to work for.

“We want to help these young professionals increase their knowledge so that they become competent at the level of local and even, international market,” Ntawirema said.

Ntawirema noted that there is a large number of journalists studying journalism in Rwanda, but that they are not doing what they have learned, because it is still difficult for them to get a good job which would lead them to development.

RJSD will focus on engaging social media channels to give guiding principles in this emerging journalism sub-section.

Misuse of social media has this week seen one Yvonne Idamange Iryamugwiza be arrested after posting a series of videos making outrageous allegations against the government, inciting insurrections and public disorder.

“RJSD is planning to work with government, private sector, and other partners, to train journalists,” Ntawirema said.

The organization also plans to work with universities and the local school of journalism and media to help students increase their knowledge before they embrace professional careers.

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