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Nyange National Heroes: Who Is Who, Where Are They Now?

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
9:12 pm

Emmanuel Urimubenshi from Bwishyura sector, Karongi district works with Compassion International

When they were attacked by Interahamwe militia, March 1997, 47 young girls and boys did the extraordinary while refusing to separate themselves between Hutu and Tutsi.

Five were killed on the sport, one more succumbed to injuries on his way to the hospital, and so far, two others died.  The 47 were approved as national heroes, category of Imena.

Adolphe Ukurikiyimfura, a teacher in Cyeza Sector, Muhanga district

Twenty-four (24)  years later, the 39 Nyange heroes who are still alive have moved on with life and are contributing selflessly to national development, mostly in the education sector.

Some of them told a reporter of kigaltitoday.com our sister website, that after secondary school in GS Nyange, they were not able to continue with the university, though they wished to,  but means limited them.

Andre Sibomana, teacher in Mbazi sector,, Huye District

Apart from education, some of the Nyange heroes are contributing to the country development in different sectors; we have a police officer, a pastor, a priest, entrepreneurs, farmers, traders among others.

Phanuel Sindayiheba, AEE official-Kigali, church minister, president of the association Komezubutwari and husband to Prisca Uwamahoro, also Nyange hero

Other heroes serve in local government, non-government organizations among others. To make sure that they continue to perpetuate a legacy of heroism, they have formed an association ‘Komezubutwari’, and, despite having experienced the same tragedy at the same time, everyone has a different testimony of how the tragedy befell them.

Prisca Uwamahoro, Vice mayor social affairs-Kamonyi district and wife to Phanuel Sindayiheba

Angelique Nkunduwera, a teacher in Nyamabuye sector, Muhanga district

Emmanuel Nizeyimana, Cell executive Secretary, Gahanga sector, Kicukiro district

Dative Mukanyangezi, a teacher in Karongi district

Father Mvukiyehe Jean Baptiste, Kabuga Parish Priest

IP Kayiranga Aloys, a police officer in Kigali

Nizeyimana Emeritha, School Accountant in Muhanga District


Nishimwe Marie, a teacher in Murambi Sector, Karongi district

Mukeshimana Beatrice, teacher in Nyarusange sector, Muhanga district

Caesar Bavakure from Karongi district is an entrepreneur

Florence Musabimana is the school headmistress in Gashali sector, Karongi district

Bayisenge Noel from Macuba Sector, Ngororero District is currently a private medical practitioner

Muhayimana Libere, an educationist in Murundi sector, Karongi district

Nsabimana Ntwali Noel, Trader in Gatsata, Kigali

KAMAYIRESE Grâce is a teacher in Kibirizi Sector, Nyanza district

Theodette Abayisenga, Accountant in Ngororero district

Silas Gatera Headmaster in Kinyinya Sector, Gasabo district

More on the list of Nyange  Nationa Heroes:

Jean Nepomuscene Birori a teacher from Rutsiro District

Pascal Minani a teacher from Ngororero District

Florence Muhinyuza, court bailiff in Kamonyi District

Joseline Mukahirwa a teacher from Kigali

Pierre Celestin Ndagijimana an entrepreneur from Kigali

Jean Baptiste Ndahimana a teacher from Ngororero District

Joseph Nyagasaza a teacher from Mutuntu sector, Karongi District

Jean Marie Vianney Tuyishime, an entrepreneur from  Nyamata Sector, Bugesera District

Florence Uwizera a teacher in Macuba Sector, Nyamasheke District

Augustin Kanyemera a teacher in Kinyinya Sector of Gasabo District

Clement Musoni, an investor in South Africa

Venant Niyitegeka lives in Canada

Jean Ntakirutimana an entrepreneur from the Rwezamenyo sector in Nyarugenge-Kigali

Esperance Nyinawandinda lives in Canada

Monique Nyirandayisaba, a trader in Remera, Kigali

Marie Rose Nyiranzabandora a teacher in Maraba Sector – Huye District


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