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Charlotte Mukankusi Forced Me to Join RNC In Uganda – Extradited Rwandan Says 

by Daniel Sabiiti
6:34 pm

The nine Rwandans that were extradited

A Rwandan who traveled to Uganda for business purposes nine years ago was deported today among 8 compatriots.

He says that he used a Rwandan passport to cross the Gatuna Border to conduct his business until last year in November when one night, a team of unidentified Ugandan army operatives stormed his house in Kampala and took him hostage.

He says he was arrested on unfounded allegations that he was spying for Rwanda and for making several trips to Rwanda.

Today, he was released from Mbuya and deported through the Kagitumba border in Eastern Rwanda this April 3, 2021.

At the detention center in Mbuye military barracks- which also serves as Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). The source said that he was forced to join the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in vain.

RNC is a terror organization operated by Rwandan self-exiled people who have criminal cases back home. From South Africa, it was established that RNC has been working with Ugandan security officials to mistreat Rwandans who live legally in Uganda.

This source alleges that his mistreatment once involved one  Charlotte Mukankusi, the Commissioner for Diplomacy in RNC in the presence of General Abel Kandiho, Uganda’s Chief of Military Intelligence.

“I was beaten for several days and I was hospitalized in January 2021. When I came from the hospital I was summoned by Kandiho who was in the company of Mukankusi Charlotte and another Rwandan man,” he narrated.

“This lady (Mukankusi) rebuked me so much and gave me an option of saving myself and my property by joining RNC so that I can contribute to their cause,” he said after crossing to the Rwandan side.

He said that his arrest comes following a fraudulent deal in which a Ugandan national asked him to hand over all his properties at UGSH26million of which he refused and was arrested two weeks later.

At the time of deportation, he lamented losing his investments including but not limited to a vehicle, a new house under construction, and about UGSH9.8million on his account, saying that his experience of torture and deprivation of rights to a property should serve as an example for other Rwandans to desist from going to Uganda.

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