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Rubavu Rattled by Multiple Earthquakes Following Nyiragongo Eruptions

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:36 pm

Eight thousand (8000) Congolese citizens who had fled to Rwanda following the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano located at dozens of Kilometers from Goma city – Eastern Province on Saturday returned home this Sunday when the lava stopped.

Nyiragongo’s eruption, the second in the last 19 years started on Saturday-May 22, 2021 for a matter of some hours, and the citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo who had desperately run for their life took their luggage and headed back home.

Some were seen posing for photos on places like Buhene locality which is located less than 10 kilometers from Goma city where the lava called it to halt.

While the lava stopped, uncertainty has remained for both Goma and the neighboring Rubavu citizens following the earthquake that kept increasing.

“In normal circumstances, earthquake precedes eruption; since for Nyiragongo we had the reverse situation it means that people should be watchful because the magmatic chamber could still be wanting to release lava. It,” Jean Ngaruye, an expert from Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board told Kigali Today’s Syldio Sebuharara.

Indeed, Sunday May 23 was a difficult day for the Rubavu citizen and their Goma’s neighbors since earthquake kept increasing from a magnitude of 3 to 4.6.

 According to rankings, the earthquake of 2.5 to 5.4 magnitude is often felt but causes minor damages. In Rubavu city, the citizens were advised to stay outside their building, for fear that houses can collapse on them.

Unfortunately, it is rainy season in the area, which can cause more damages to human beings and their health.

As Rubavu is affected with some parents wondering where to take their children during this difficult period, the neighboring Goma is even more affected.

Actually, this Monday, students took their desks outside and studied in the open.

Our reporter in Rubavu indicates that as of yesterday evening 110 Congolese citizens fled to Rwanda fearing the effects of the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the world has continued to show solidarity to affected communities.

On Sunday, May 23, the head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis requested the followers to pray for Goma community.

“Let’s pray for the citizens of Goma city who fled their homes due to the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano,” the Pope said.

Despite this situation of concern, life could return to normal soon.

According to Dr. Dushime Dyrckx, an expert in volcanic science, volcanic activity can last a maximum of three to five days.



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