National Exams In New Normal: TVET Schools Start with Practical Exams

The Minister of State for Education in charge of ICT and TVET, Claudette Irere officially launched the national examinations.

Students have started sitting for national examinations for the first time in two years, since learning was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, on 16 March 2020, the day when all schools were closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Today, the national examinations started with Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) students who started sitting for practical exams today, June 14 to July 3, 2021.

There are 23,395 vocational students sitting national exams, comprising 10,827 girls and 12,568 boys sitting from 149 examination centers.

The national examinations were conducted after they were called off to prevent the spreading of the New Coronavirus, which affected the school year.

Candidates are from 210 vocational schools; they will sit for 39 practical examination papers.

The launch for national examination was held at Don Bosco Gatenga TVET school located in Kicukiro district, Kigali city on Monday 14. The examinations were flagged off by the Minister of State for Education in charge of ICT and TVET, Claudette Irere

In all schools of the country, over 4million candidates are expected to sit for examinations in a period of six (6) weeks, that means from June 14 through July 30, according to the National Examinations and Schools Inspection Authority (NESA), according to last week’s figures.

Examination inspectors at the Water management plant practical examination.

About 254,678 are Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) candidates. There are 138,065 girls and 116,613 boys, representing a drop of 11% from 286,087 in 2019.

The ordinary level or O-Level, there are 122,320 students (67,685 girls and 54,635 boys), an increase of 2% from 119,932 candidates who wrote their exams in 2019.

According to NESA’s last week figures, A-Level candidates also increased, by 1.7%. They are 52,145 (26,892 girls and 22,894 boys) from 52,291 in 2019.

Like the TVET candidates, a total of 1,857 private candidates will sit Senior six exams, up from 1584 candidates in 2019.

For primary candidates, NESA has allocated 1018 examination centers nationwide, 0-Level exams will be held at 547 centers, A-Level 418 centers, and TVET 149 centers.

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