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“Stop Putting Me Under Pressure Over Marriage”- Singer Gaby Kamanzi

by Andrew Shyaka
1:45 pm

Gaby Kamanzi on KT Radio on Wednesday.

Gospel music sensation Irene Ingabire Kamanzi, known by the stage name Gaby Kamanzi, has warned people to stop putting her under pressure to get married.

Gaby, as she is commonly known, says she won’t take any more questions regarding her love life and has warned people to stop forcing her to get married cause it’s not yet time for her to settle down.

The talented singer lost her cool live on KT Radio on Wednesday when she was asked by a fan when she is planning to settle down and have a family, since she has already built a successful career over the years.

“People should stop asking me whether I have a man or boyfriend or not because I believe this is a personal and private matter. When I am ready, they will see it on my social media platforms but for now I am still focusing on my music,” Kamanzi said.

“I am really tired of people pressuring me to get married. I receive lots of messages on a daily basis from men asking me out and my number,” she added.

Being a famous female musician aged 40 years old, she has been faced with questions regarding her relationship status in interviews and on social media, with many asking her why she is not settling down or whether she has a boyfriend.

Others go ahead to propose to her, thinking that she is desperate for a man in her life. The singer says marriage is a personal matter.

Gaby had come to KT Radio to premiere her new song dubbed “Day by Day” which came out with both audio and visuals.

The singer says she will marry when she is ready.

Kamanzi is putting final touches on her second album with 15 songs, featuring various artistes from the East African region and it will be in different languages including Kiswahili, English, Kinyarwanda and Lingala, among others.

The ‘Amahoro’ singer had spent six years without a new album and she revealed that she was busy travelling around the globe, which is why she slowed down musically.

Irene Ingabire Kamanzi was born in Lubumbashi, Katanga Province in DRC, on 12th June 1981, in a family of six.

She is the fifth child and she grew up in a singing family, which has helped her a lot in developing her music career.

When Gaby was 9, she started showing her talent while singing the songs her brothers sung hence cultivating her way to sing in Saint Esprit Nyanza in 1997 in Singiza ministries after getting born again.

Leave me alone. Gaby has warned people to stop putting her under pressure.

In 2003, Gaby released her first single dubbed “Sauveur” and in 2004 she worked with a Burundian artist Willy Uwizeye on his debut album, and later in 2005 with Richard Ngendahayo on his album.

Kamanzi also was among the female music group called “The Sisters” which involved musicians Aline Gahongayire and Tonzi.

She is a graduate of ULK where she earned a degree in Management and she has travelled across the world spreading the word of God through her songs.

Kamanzi came on the music scene in late 2012, when her single ‘Amahoro’ which took over the country’s gospel music charts as the most popular and most listened to gospel song on radio stations.

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