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Bruce Melodie Signs Rwf 1Billion Deal

by Andrew Shyaka
2:59 pm

Bruce Melodie

Superstar Bruce Itahiwacu alias  Bruce  Melodie becomes the first-ever local musician to earn  Rwf 1billion as a brand ambassador.

Melodie has entered the juicy deal with Food Bundles Ltd, a company that deals in buying and selling agricultural products online.

The deal comes following his immensed popularity through producing top hit songs across the country for years and signing one of the regional experienced managers Mr Lee with negotiation skills of cracking such fat cheques from corporate companies.

Before meeting the new manager, Bruce Melodie worked hard through performances and managed to sign commercials worth millions with telecom companies, but in few months of hiring manager, the singer has managed to sign lucrative commercial deals including the Kigali Arena commercial worth 150M.

It has always been a mystery fact in showbiz when a local artist signs such a huge amount of money to promote a certain product. But while putting a sign on the deal, Bruce Melodie revealed that it’s real money.

“Leave alone the rumors people go around saying I can’t sign such an amount of money. This is a real deal with real money and I am ready to earn it through working hard with Food Bundles,” says Bruce Melodie

According to Food Bundles, the 2year contract with Bruce Melodie will help Food Bundles to reach 300,000 thousand farmers from 3000 thousand with a target of earning 10,000 new farmers Per day.

Speaking to the press, the director of Food Bundles, Diescore Skikama said that Bruce Melodie is the right artist to hit their target.

“We selected Bruce Melodie because he suits our goal and we have no doubt he will take Food Bundles to another level,” he said.

The deal wasn’t an overnight contract as people may think but it took six months for both sides to come to one agreement.

Before artists would blame corporate companies for paying them peanuts, but with this new wave, it’s clearly showing that the hardworking one will always be paid huge amounts of money. 

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