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Red Cross Rwanda Allocates Rwf 160 M to Refugees’ Vocational, Technical Education

by KT Press Reporter
12:02 pm

The youth from Mahama arrive at IPRC Ngoma to start a new education journey courtesy of Red Cross Rwanda in collaboration with Red Cross Belgium

Three hundred youth from Giheke and Mahama refugee camps which host Congolese and Burundian refugees respectively and their neighboring Rwandan counterparts from poor families have started a new episode that will change lives to the better, courtesy of Red Cross Rwanda.

The youth have started technical and vocational education training funded by Red Cross Rwanda in partnership with Red Cross Belgium, at a tune of approximately Rwf 160 million.

On Sunday, September 26, 2021, the beneficiaries bid farewell to their families to start a new and promising training journey in two boarding schools of the Eastern Province.

The Amizero Institute of Technology and Hospitality TVET School(AMITH) admitted 90 trainees, while the Institute of Polytechnic Regional Centre(IPRC) Ngoma Campus admitted the remaining 210.

AMITH will train the youth in hair dressing while IPRC Ngoma will offer Plumbing, all in three month period of time and one month of practice.

Jeanne d’Arc Muhawenimana, the Red Cross Coordinator-Eastern Province said that beneficiaries include the unaccompanied children and orphans who join the youth in vicinity of camps.

The age limit for for either category is 30 years.

Off to School

The logic of bringing together all these categories rhymes with one of Red Cross objectives of impartiality, respect and compassion of humanity.

This has proven to be fruitful in Rwanda’s context of unity and reconciliation.

According to Muhawenimana, the training comes as a second phase in this special bond with Red Cross.

“We first brought them together in an association that intended to improve their wellbeing and it worked. We hope that with vocational and technical skills, we shall even reach wonderful outcomes in regard to their socio-economic development,” Muhawenimana said.

The official further said, that the program supports national agenda of graduating its citizen from poverty which pays returns to both the beneficiaries and the Rwandan community at large.

Nicole Irakoze, one of the beneficiaries did not hide her appreciation towards Red Cross Rwanda for minding her future.

“Thank you for receiving us and on top of that, giving us free education. This training will help me during my stay as a refugee here and back home. Live long Rwanda!”


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