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Comedian Ndimbati In The Spotlight Over ‘Neglecting His Children’

by Andrew Shyaka
10:55 pm

Kabahizi Fredaus

A video of a former house girl Kabahizi Fredaus accusing comedian Ndimbati for starving his own twins has caused a stir among his fans.

The video that emerged on the local website Isimbi TV has an interview of Kabahizi crying for help from comedian Ndimbati, who she says he is the father of her children “yet they are starving.”

Kabahizi alleged that the two met through a friend called Bora, who happens to be a movie cameraman working with Ndambati.

She said the comedian used to come to visit Bora at a place where Kabahizi was by then working as a house girl but with a dream of becoming an actress also one day.

She claimed that one day, Ndimbati offered to introduce her to the movie industry. She claimed that she received the offer with both hands.

Kabahizi would later change the job where she became shop attendant, thus believing that it was the right time for her to remind Ndimbati about the promise.

On the fateful day, she said, we made an appointment and met in his car one evening. She made me drunk and I only found myself in front of him naked in a lodge. I was 17 years old when this happened.

The following time when they met, the girl informed Ndimbati that she was pregnant and the later sheltered her at a different place, placed her under the care of a female friend and promised to cater for her.

During the pregnancy and after birth of twins, Kabahizi claims she did not get any support from Ndimbati, even when she raised the matter to families and requested some packages for her welfare and children’s.

Ndimbati, in the same video, is not completely denying being the father of children, but he puts some “ifs’. and denies some allegations.

“She is telling lies. I first took care of the children to allow her to settle down but she took them back without even informing me. Apparently, she is on the mission to dry my pockets as well as tarnishing my name,” Ndimbati said.

“We even sat down with her parents to settle the issue amicably, but she arrogantly demanded unspeakable things; she wanted me to offer a job, asked for Rwf 5 million and a monthly rent of Rwf 300,000 for rent, yet am not even sure whether these are my children.”

Ndimbati is a social media sensational with a huge fan base in both comedy and movie industry. He is famous in a local drama/comedy series dubbed Papa Sava. 

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