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World Bank Executives Impressed by Rwanda’s Project Implementation Record

by Edmund Kagire
12:19 am

World Bank Executive members post with the Prime Minister, Dr. Ngirente after the discussions on Friday. Photos/Primature

A delegation of World Bank Group Executive Directors, currently in Rwanda for a three-day working visit have commended the value for money exhibited by Rwanda in the implementation of different projects funded by the bank.

The World Bank Executives on Friday met and discussed with the Prime Minister, Dr. Edouard Ngirente on the work the bank does with Rwanda and more efforts to support the country especially in the Covid-19 recovery journey.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, the Head of delegation Armando Manuel from Angola, who is an Executive Director at World Bank Group representing three African countries, said that they were impressed by what Rwanda has been able to do with the money it receives.

“We had the opportunity to visit a number of projects in which the World Bank has been supporting Rwanda, including projects in agriculture, in the health sector, water, sanitation, education and we are very happy with what we have seen,”

“In fact, the Government of Rwanda is implementing efficiently the resources that World Bank has been providing to the country to fight the poverty and ensure sharable prosperity,”

“As we go back to Washington D.C, we will take with us the fruitful exchanges we had with the authorities, to ensure that we continue to engage with the country as one of the main partners of development, and to ensure that we continue to enjoy Rwanda successes,” Manuel said.

Delegation head Amando Manuel commended Rwanda for effectively using the money it receives.

Other Executive Directors included Taufila Nyamadzabo, Eva Valle Maestro, Fabien Bouvet while Alternate Executive Directors on the delegation were Joergen Frotzler and Nikolai Putscher.

Speaking after the meeting, Richard Tusabe, the Minister of State in charge of National Treasury at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, said the World Bank board members were in Rwanda to assess what has been achieved so far and what more needs to be done.

“They were here to see what have been able to achieve so far through our partnership and we discussed further different ways of fast tracking our development, particularly in this time when we are talking about Covid-19 recovery and other global issues that affect this process such as wars in different parts of the world we are seeing today,”

“The World Bank supports Rwanda in many projects, in the transport sector, industrialisation, electrification, health, education, as you know last year, we constructed over 20, 000 classrooms with the support of the World Bank. They visited all the key projects to see how the money was used,” Tusabe said.

State Minister Tusabe said the visit will open door to more partnerships between Rwanda and the WB.

He pointed out that the delegation wanted to see how the money is utilised to inform the World Bank’s decision on other areas of engagement going forward.

Tusabe said that the visit is crucial because it will determine the next course of action, especially regarding supporting the country to recover from the impact of Covid-19.

“They told us that they are happy with what they have seen so far and this will open more opportunities to work together on key sectors of our economy,” Tusabe said, adding that the visit was timely.

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