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ADEPR: 100 Children Attend Ambassadors’ Football Provincial Tournament

by Amon Nuwamanya
4:28 pm

All Selected players will adcance to the national level

For the second time since inauguration in partnership with Ambassadors Football International-USA, the ADEPR churches have once again organized a boys ‘and girls’ football tournament after 2 years of inactivity due to Covid-19  pandemic.

The tournament kicked off on Saturday 28th may, in the Southern Province Kamonyi District, Runda Sector in Ruyenzi Cell where 144 children from Kigali city met from all districts of Kigali. Participants hail from 2 ADEPR Primary schools and 4 churches.

All the children at the stadium accompanied by Pastor Seneza Jean Paul

The tournament started at provincial level namely “provincial competition” across the country with the aim of selecting talented young players to the national camp.

This time the competition started in two provinces City of Kigali and southern province. Other provinces will join the competition from 4th-11th May. Winners at provincial level will come together for national football camp starting from 25th-28th July.

Jean Paul Seneza country coordinator of the programme

Pastor Jean Paul Seneza, who oversees the implementation of the partnership program in Rwanda, told KT PRESS that they intend to nurture young talented children into future footballers with Christian values that will help them achieve their goals.

“The event which starts today, is called Provincial Football Camp, which brings together children from one province where they have been coached about football basics for days but they are also being taught values based on gospel. So, today the children are here in order to select the talents of the children and then after the selected children will represent their provinces at national level slated on 25th-28th June to the same pitch of Ruyenzi/Kamonyi district,” he said.

Since the inaugural , the program has been fruitful despite challenges caused by covid-19 pandemic, where they now have a first-class football academy (Ambassadors academy) located in the southern province of Nyamagabe district in ADEPR  school namely Sumba Secondary School. and the academy has also started to perform well, in recent days Ambassadors academy played a friendly game against the Paris Saint-Germain Football Academy Rwanda where they won the game on 4-3 before PSG academy Rwanda departure to France ahead of PSG academies world cup.

More than 144 children attends provincial tournaments

They look talents between 6-13 years old (1)

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