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Singer Platini Shifts to His Newly Completed Mansion

by Andrew Shyaka
10:02 am

Famed Dream Boyz singer Nemeye Platin commonly known on stage as Platin P is no longer renting as he enters his newly mansion.

Platin P’s mansion is situated in Nyamata at Karumuna village in the same neighbourhood of Tom Close and Butera Knowless quartier.

The singer showed his crib over the weekend while celebrating his wife’s birthday and had little words to say towards the press.

“I am glad to be in my own house and all this is a result of hard working. It’s from music and I want to let every body out there hustling to be a musician know that, music is a career job that pays well if only done professionally,” says Platini P.

Although he did not disclose the amount of money spent on it, the singer admitted that he spent millions on it in a period of a whole year.

The singer joins the likes of musicians with multimillion mansions like King James, Tom Close and Knowless Butera.

Platini P has been doing music for years as part of Dream Boyz duo bit. A few years back he decided to go solo and he is doing well on music scene.

He has produced hits like Veronica, Atansiyo, Shumuleta and other collabos featuring artists like Nel Ngabo.

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