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Local Tech Programme Pledges Tablets for 250 Schools

by Williams Buningwire
11:58 am

Christian Muhirwa(L), host Kamanzi Natasha(C) and Clement Uwajeneza

RwandaEQUIP, a local tech program that aims at transforming the country’s basic education system into a globally competitive sector has committed to the distribute tablets in 800 schools across the country before 2023 to promote smart learning.

The pledge was made during the EdTech Monday education program sponsored by Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT, and Rwanda ICT chamber.

The program was aired on Monday 27 with the theme; “Harnessing the Power of Technology to Create Resilient Education Systems”. It also included discussing key messages including internet connectivity in schools, and ICT training.

“The tablets help teachers to prepare lessons quickly which spares teacher’s time for students.  We started with 100 schools in the first month of this year. Another 150 schools will also benefit in September and the objective is to cover an estimate 250 schools before September 2023,” Clément Uwajeneza, Managing Director of RwandaEQUIP said.

“Tablets also facilitate headteachers to monitor teachers on how they deliver lessons and rate of completing syllabi on time.”

According to Uwajeneza, so far RwandaEQUIP works with 3000 teacher while 120,000 students are benefiting from supplied textbooks that are used during learning.

Uwajeneza pointed out that there are many other companies working to promote smarting learning and ICT hence giving optimism on advancing ICT in schools.

Christian Muhirwa from ‘Broadband Systems Corporation (BSC) said that his company has already connected 800 schools to fiber optic internet, a condition that has promoted smart learning across the country.

 “I think there is progress in connecting schools to the internet,” Muhirwa said.

In a previous story, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya, Minister of Education called upon Private Sector to contribute to extending ICT services to students for the collective goal of having a digitally able young generation.

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