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Sport, Entertainment in the “Greenest, Cleanest” Capital City

by Daniel Sabiiti
3:58 pm

At Kigali Golf Course

One or two facts are already irrefutable; that Kigali is among the greenest and cleanest cities of Africa. Scores of accolades around that matter may say it better.

On top of security and safety and a friendly business environment, the two factors have always attracted many visitors for meetings, tourism, and sporting activities.

However, in the suggestion boxes, visitors’ books and other opportunities that would allow the guests to give one comment, one remark or two on their stay in Rwanda, apparently their common advice was that entertainment in Kigali needed a little bit more ingredients.

The guest who gave their opinion in that matter a couple of years ago will understand that their contribution was not taken for granted, if they come back tomorrow.

The capital city has worked on a diversity of sporting and entertainment activities to meet expectations of all visitors who may need to have light moments after a busy schedule of meetings here and there, tiresome field works in a country of a thousand hills among many others.

Recent hangouts that can be mentioned could include the car free zones, those places that are safe from the smoke of cars in the increasing traffic of the city.

They are becoming Kigali’s favourite places. After the one of Kigali city centre which stretches from Makuza Peace Plazza to the new headquarters of Cogebanque, Kigali designated a new car free zone one in Biryogo.

Biryogo car free zone before busy hours

In the home to thé vert(green tea) and other soft drinks, the Biryogo car free zone allowed the neighbourhood which never goes to sleep to serve the entire city its unique recipes.

The ambiance in this car free zone can only be lived, rather than told.

After Biryogo, Kisimenti followed. During the week-end, this part of the city allows pubs to serve what they do best. These cobblestones have been gazetted car free zone during the weekend.

This allows weekenders to explore open air space in their drinking binje.

This is among much diversity that offer Kigali, the city with also several sport infrastructures which allow every city dweller/guest to find their choice.

Play an NBA Game at BK Arena

BK Arena located in Remera near the Amahoro national stadium is the major facility for basketball and Volleyball games which hosts regional and continental competitions.

The 10, 000 capacity facility was unveiled in 2019. Among others, it has hosted two seasons of Basketball Africa League (BAL).

BK Arena is the perfect place to make some hoops and shoots for all basketball lovers, young and old.

High End Golfing

Rwanda’s tourism targets have changed in the past three years to focus on high end tourism attractions.

By investing in a new state-of-the-art 18-hole Kigali Golf Course (worth Rwf34.5 billion), Rwanda is looking to tap into the $44.6billion global golf tourism market by attracting international golfing events.

The new Kigali golf course has attracted investments in real estates around Nyarutarama, a high end residential area in Kigali.

Queen’s Cricket Game in Rwanda

In August 2011, the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation was formed as a charity, run on a not for profit basis, with the aim of building and managing the first ever dedicated international cricket ground in Rwanda- the Gahanga cricket Oval stadium, built on 4.5 hectares of land in the capital Kigali.

In 2012, Brian Lara agreed to become one of the ground’s Patrons. The Stadium is also supported by former British Prime Minister David Cameron, Andrew Mitchell, Jonathan Agnew, Heather Knight, Peter Gummer and Baron Chadlington.

In 2018, the ground was selected to host the matches in the 2018–19 ICC World Twenty20 Africa Qualifier Eastern Sub-Region group.

The stadium also hosted the 2019 Kwibuka Women’s T20 Tournament,] a women’s cricket tournament, in remembrance of the victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Rwandan female cricketer Cathia Uwamahoro, in 2017 came in the cricketing limelight putting her name in the Guinness World Record after batting straight for 26 hours.

Gahanga cricket stadium

Also, Rwanda’s professional cricketer, Eric Dusingizimana scooped $1 million (approximately Rwf800 million) after batting for an epic 51 hours and breaking the Guinness World Record for that effect.

Kigali city is the right place to keep up with the personal physical fitness routine.

Just as in the developed countries where many citizens do run or jog, in Kigali, you will be able to see many Rwandans taking the early morning and late evening off to jog and stroll- a mix that provides one with morale to push on.

Kigali Night run

Kigali night run could also be an experience not to mix while in the capital city.

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