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Bank of Kigali Extends Diaspora Campaign to Youth

by Daniel Sabiiti
12:16 pm

The diaspora youth after learning a lot about Rwanda’s leading bank

Bank of Kigali (BK) Plc has continued to take its banking services to a wider Rwandan diaspora community, a move that the bank has been focusing on with incentives at hand.

Last week, the bank introduced its diaspora banking services to diaspora students who were in the country to learn more about the country, its history, and the current state of the economy, development, and activities in which they can get engaged.

The group of students, who came from various countries in Europe and North America were introduced to some of BK services, for example internet banking, mortgage services, and so on.

The group was also introduced to the advantages of using BK banking services and internet banking – a platform where they can access BK accounts wherever they are by only using internet available and internet-enabled gadgets.

“We wanted them to know that we not only bank for older people, but we bank for the younger ones as well because they are the future of Rwanda,” said Nicole Kamanzi, the Regional Manager of BK, Kigali branches.

Kamanzi said during a press briefing last week that the other bigger picture is to have the young Rwandan diaspora become good ambassadors of the bank as it aims to extend its footprint outside of Rwanda.

Diaspora Voices

The young Rwandan diaspora in attendance was excited to be exposed to the BK services and recognized the importance of accessing banking services in Rwanda with just a click of the button.

Stephen Rutaysire, 21, a second-generation Rwandan born and currently employed in The Netherlands said that this is an opportunity for him to learn how to use the best banking services in Rwanda to invest at home.

I hope I can earn a lot of money and invest maybe in a house or hospital here, and I might need a bank for that,” Rutayisire said.

Julian Hedder, a Belgian-based Rwandan youth said that having a bank account with BK can save him extra costs when withdrawing money anywhere while at home or away.

 “I don’t like paying extra costs when withdrawing money from the machines. If I get a bank account here then I don’t have to pay the same costs,” Hedder said.

Nicole Kamanzi, the Regional Manager of BK, Kigali branches

The Bank of Kigali has for the last two years put its focus on promoting its services within the diaspora communities and especially selling internet banking services which have also come with gifts for users.

Most of the young diaspora Rwandans said that BK is convenient because it provides services that enable them to easily withdraw money for personal use with ease while on a Visit Rwanda trip.

BK Awards Diaspora

For such loyal users of the BK services, this comes with rewards.

Last month, BK revealed the three winners who won various prizes in its five-month campaign dubbed ´Bank home and Win Big’ promotion specifically targeting clients in Diaspora- to save and invest back in Rwanda.

The promo that was successful saw winners announced on June 24. These included Gonzalve Twagirayezu, Telesphore Rugema, and Melchiade Ruberintwari.

They won prizes of two RwandAir economy return tickets to Kigali for the top two and a two nights stay (full board) at The One & Only Nyungwe Lodge for the third winner.

The campaign attracted over 2000 clients who interacted with BK on its offers which include opening an account for free incoming transfers (no charges on received international transfers), and investment opportunities through BK capital such as the BK Aguka Fund.

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