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National Exam Results: Upcountry Schools Dominate List of Best Students

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:55 pm

Ntwari Manzi Albert, best O level student receives a reward of the computer in a photo with Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education Gaspard Twagirayezu and his aunt

The Ministry of Education has released results of national exams for Primary Leaving Examination(PLE) and Ordinary Level(O’Level) where top ten students are predominantly from upcountry schools.

In Primary, Isezerano Forever Yacinthe from Saint André Kabgayi in Southern Province led the list of best students and he aspires to be a medical doctors like his parents.

In the world, he said, there is no such joy than healing people.

Isezerano was followed on the bench of the best students by Ihirwe Lydivine from Mount Carmel-Gasabo district, the only candidate from top ten from capital Kigali.

“I owe it to working really hard. My family was also very sensitive to my education journey; it was rare for my parents to allow me to watch television,” says  Ihirwe who aspires to become a teacher so as “to pass her knowledge to generations.”

Singiza Teta Ornella from Espoir de l’Avenir-Bugesera district in Eastern Province came on third position, followed by Ishya Rugema Achille  from Academie de la Salle in Gicumbi district, Northern Province.

The fifth best student in PLE is Ishimwe David from Ecole Primaire Highland also in Bugesera district.

Ntwari Manzi Albert

In O’level, Ntwari Manzi Albert from Academie de la Salle in Gicumbi district also led the list of top five, giving this school in the Northern Province the credit of two best candidates.

“My dream is to become the richest man of the world,” he said adding that his dream is to become a great engineer and to be able to collect huge fortune.

Her aunt believes that Manzi will do it, because they have always confessed it over his life.

“We call him Minister, Mr. President, and other big names,” said the aunt who doubles as guardian.

Inkindi Agahozo Peter Paola

Inkindi Agahozo Peter Paola from a girl school – Notre Dame de la Providence de Karubanda in Huye district came second and, like all the children who talked to us, she owes it to her parents’ advice and support, and her good teachers coupled with hard work.

Karire Nolla from Maranyundo Girls School  in Bugesera is third best student in O Level while  from Ecole Secondaire Ruhango in Ruhango district was fourth.

Arengerwe Merci Aliance, Ecole de Science Byimana, Ruhango district closed the list of top five in O level.

This year, 227,472 pupils sat PLE exams, and 206 286  of them, equivalent to 90.69% passed while 21,186.31 failed.

In O’level 126,735 sat the exam and 108, 566 which is equivalent to 85.66% passed against 18,469 candidates(14.34%) who failed.

As explained earlier in our reporting, with a new grading system from PLE, O level and advanced level, the well-known Grade value “one” is no longer the highest. The highest is now grade value “six”.  A student can score in each subject, and the lowest being grade value “0” which wasn’t there before. Initially, lowest grades were characterized by the letter “F” which stands for “failure.”

Inkindi Agahozo Peter Paola and her parents

For example, in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) total aggregate will be 30 instead of aggregate 5 in the existing grading. In this case a candidate needs to score six, in each subject to raise a total aggregate of 30 in five subjects Including Mathematics, Social and Religious Studies, Science and Elementary Technology, Kinyarwanda and English.

For the Ordinary, or O level all nine subjects are compulsory and will be counted and the best candidate will score a total aggregate of 54, equivalent to 6 marks in nine subjects.

According to the Ministry of Education, to check their performance, students will go through the website of National Examination and School Inspection Authority(NESA) and follow procedures.

The front end is now user friendly on this matter.

On Mobile Phone, one can go to SMS and write index number, then send to 8888.

Students going to Senior 1 and Senior 4 will start school on October 4, according to Minister of Education Uwamariya Valentine.

The best students were awarded with laptops.

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