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New Baby Gorillas Names: A Call To Harmonize Nature, People And Planet

by Williams Buningwire
6:11 pm

 Twenty baby gorillas have been given different names in the today’s Kwita Izina, gorilla naming ceremony.

The names send a strong message on biodiversity and nature conservation.

The Prince of Wales, Charles Philip virtually named baby gorilla “Ubwuzuzanye” which means harmony between nature, people and planet.

According to Prince Charles, nature, people and the planet are the most issue that affect nature.

Chelsea Legend Didier Drogba

With almost a similar message, former Arsenal midfielder, Gilberto Silva named another new born Impanda which means Trumpet. The name was chosen to serve as a call to action for all people in the world to play a part in protecting and restoring biodiversity.

Salma Mukansanga, female International football referee named her Kwibohora, which means Liberation. She said the name was chosen to highlight the role liberation has played in conservation as a foundation of sustainable tourism and development.

For Dr. Cindy Descalzi Pereira, philanthropist and Chairperson of Global Events Africa, she named a baby gorilla Ubwitange, which means Sacrifice. It was chosen to recognize the selflessness and dedication of park staff, local communities and conservation partners to the conservation of biodiversity.

Moses Turahirwa

Moses Turahirwa, famous for taking Rwanda’s fashion beyond borders chose the name Kwanda, which means Expand. This name was also chosen to highlight Rwanda’s continued growth, the growth of the gorilla population and the expansion of their natural habitat.

Frank Ian Luntz, a political consultant, pollster, and pundit from the United States who is most known for creating talking points and other messaging for Republican causes named a baby Baho, which means Live to celebrate the sustained life of mountain gorillas, and their bright future.

Former Arsenal midfielder, Gilberto Silva

In the ceremony, Dr. Paul Farmer who died early this year was remembered. A baby gorilla was named Muganga Mwiza, which means Good Doctor – as a tribute to the late Paul Farmer and to recognize all those involved in the protection of human and wildlife health.

Good doctor was a name chosen by Laurene Powell Jobs, the founder and chair of Emerson Collective.

Among the namers also is Neri Bukspan, Managing Director, Standard and Poor’s Credit Market Service who named a gorilla Indangagaciro which means values to highlight the value Rwanda attaches to preservation and conservation.

Dr. Evan Antin, US based veterinary doctor chose the name Igicumbi, which means Sanctuary, to celebrate Rwanda’s protected areas as sanctuaries of rich and unique biodiversity, and as a call to protect wild places all around the world.

For Louise Mushikiwabo, the fourth and current Secretary General of Organization internationale de la Francophonie, she named a gorilla Turikumwe, which means we are together. The name has special significance for Rwandans because we have chosen to be and stay together.

“On est ensemble!” Mushikiwabo said.

Meanwhile, Kaddu Sebunya, Chief Executive Officer of African Wildlife Foundation named another one Indatezuka, which means Resilient. This name was chosen to highlight the resilience of the Rwandan people and the protection of the country’s biodiversity.

Louise Mushikiwabo, the fourth and current Secretary General of Organization internationale de la Francophonie

Former Paris Saint-Germain FC, Juan Pablo Sorin chose Ikuzo, which means Admirable. It was chosen to recognize the admirable and noble nature of the mountain gorillas.

Youssou N’Dour, a performer recognized for the West African music genre known as mbalax chose Ihuriro, which means Hub. This name was chosen to showcase Rwanda as a vibrant hub for music, fashion and culture, as well as eco-tourism and investment.

Thomas Milz, Board Director, Sales and Marketing Volkswagen Group decided to name his Ruragendwa which means Hospitable. This name recognizes the welcoming nature of Rwandans, and the famous Rwandan hospitality visitors enjoy.

Itzhak Fisher, Israeli businessman and founder and general partner of Pereg Ventures chose Intare, which means Lion.

“After my Father-in-Law, a Holocaust survivor who was called Leo, which also means lion. This name also recognizes the successful reintroduction of lions in Akagera,” Fisher said.

Naomi Schiff, a Rwandan-Belgian racing driver and television presenter decided to name her Imbaduko, which means Vivacity. It was chosen to celebrate the unwavering commitment of the Rwandan people to the protection of the mountain gorillas.

Stewart Maginnis, Deputy Director General of International Union for Conservation of Nature named him Nyirindekwe, which means Protector to celebrate the protective nature of the mountain gorillas, and their role as guardians of their forest habitat.

For Scottish billionaire and philanthropist Sir Ian Clark Wood, he named a baby gorilla Ubusugire, which means Integrity. This name was chosen to celebrate the efforts of communities and conservationists to protect and ensure the integrity of Rwanda’s biodiversity of national parks.

Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente, the guest of honor at Kwita Izina today

This year’s baby gorilla naming ceremony was marked by entertainment, the guests wearing traditional attire imishanana were part of this traditional performance.

RDB CEO Clare Akamanzi

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