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ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi 2022 Comes to An End, Rewards Unique Talents

by Williams Buningwire
11:45 pm

Sixty artists from several disciplines have made it to the finals of ArtRwanda Ubuhanzi, thus winning one year training that will take their career to greater heights.

From the four provinces across and the City of Kigali, the winners will be given further training as part of a prize, following their outstanding performance during the final stage of ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi competitions, November 25.

ArtRwanda-Ubanzi is a competition organized by Imbuto Foundation to showcase youth talents and help them earn a living out of their gifts.

The competition returned this year after three year halt due to COVID-19 disruptions.

Three overall winners were awarded with Rwf 1 million to further boost their investment in what they do best.

The three are Anda studio (film production), Himba empire (artists) and Growth art Foundation (Poetry and Literature).

All the winners (60) will be trained for one year to improve their talents and in commercialization of their talents.

“Consider the opportunity of having a country; the country that gives opportunity to everyone. Our leadership has given us this chance,” Sandrine Umutoni, Director General of Imbuto Foundation said.

This year, the lucrative competition was attended by young people with talents in six categories including Art, Singing and Dancing, Fashion, Drama and Comedy, Film and Photography, Poetry and Literature.

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