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Nyanza District Solves Mobility Challenge Among Grassroots Leaders

by Williams Buningwire
2:47 pm

The motorcycles that were given out

Local leaders are uniquely positioned to advance ideas, inspire residents, solve challenges, and produce quick change because of their close ties to their communities. However, they need motivation and quick transport to reach out to their villages.

Nyanza district in Southern Province has come up with a motivation that will help grassroots leaders to serve with a smile.

The district has started a mobility plan that intends to help grassroots leaders access  remote villages for better service delivery.

The plan consists of giving motorcycles to cell executive secretaries and the District Administration Security Support Organ (DASSO) in Nyanza district, Southern Province. A total of 64 motorcycles were given to Executive Secretaries and 13 to DASSO officials.

Minister of State Ingabire Assumpta delivered trying the motobike

They were handed over by Ingabire Assumpta, Minister of State in the Ministry of Local Government on November 26.

“We hope this will improve service delivery,” Ingabire said.

According to Ntazinda Erasme, the district mayor, the idea started when they realised challenges the officials encounter in the exercise of their duty.

“They used to reach out to citizens while sweating which was not really a good thing,” the mayor said.

The district then designed a project and gave the cell and DASSO officials a lamp-sum that allowed them to buy a motorcycle.

“We shall pay around Rwf 6  million to the bank every month in the next four years,” he said.

 Jean Pierre Bisengiyaremye, Executive Secretary of Kirambi Cell finds this a relief.

“It was really expensive to move from village to village in the exercise of our job, but with motorcycles, it is even possible to move from household to household to solve people’s problems, especially family disputes,” Bisengiyaremye said.

For Adiel Murigo, giving transport to DASSO is an unprecedented milestone.

“This will help us to conduct successful patrols,” he said.

In the raising of fuel costs, Ntazinda said that the beneficiaries have nothing to worry about, because everything was covered in the project.

Southern Province governor Kayitesi Alice told KT Press, that Nyanza initiative in finding mobility solution is something that should be emulated by other distrcits.

“Other districts are also looking forward to borrowing a leaf,” she said.

Nyanza district is among eight districts in the Southern province. The district has ten sectors, 51 cells and 420 villages. Nyanza has 323,719 residents that live in 77,512 households, according to the national population census for 2022.

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