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Umuganda In Kigali: Congo Diplomats Lead the Way

by Williams Buningwire
4:41 pm

Today, Rwanda and Congo Brazzaville diplomats rolled their sleeves to participate in the community work commonly known as Umuganda that focused on planting trees to contribute to the season’s targets.

The exercise was also part of 64th anniversary of the proclamation of Congo Brazzaville, organized by the Brazzaville embassy in Kigali city. Rwanda was represented by Vincent Biruta, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Congo Brazzaville embassy in Kigali was represented by its Ambassador, Guy Nestor Itoua.

“It is a special community work. We are celebrating the proclamation. We are joining hands to plant trees on this mountain where the university is located. It gives knowledge to the young generation,” Amb. Itoua said.

Minister of Environment, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya

Diplomats joined in tree planting held at Mburabuturo hill, Kicukiro District−City of Kigali.

The tree planting season that was launched last month aims to fight against climate change effects, and more than 36 million trees will be planted to increase forest coverage, prevent erosion and clean the air people breathe.

It marks the 47th anniversary of National Tree Planting Day, or NTPD, organized by the Ministry of Environment and the Rwanda Forestry Authority.

“It is a special thing. Next time we shall find other things to do after Umuganda,” Biruta said after concluding Umuganda.

Last month, a tree planting season was launched at Kigali Economic Zone, under the theme “Plant a Tree, Save the Future.”

“It would be a better thing for institutions to participate in this same exercise. Congo Brazzaville has given an amazing example. Climate change effects are a global challenge and need a collective solution for all,” Minister of Environment, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya,  said.

Guy Nestor Itoua, Congolese Ambassador to Rwanda

Other diplomats who participated in tree planting during Umuganda are from the Ethiopian embassy in Kigali.

In other Umuganda activities that marked the end of November was cleaning trenches by the Ministry in Charge of Emergency Management. After cleaning trenches, officials also participated in planting trees.

After the Community work, the anti-corruption message was delivered with the aim to fight and report corruption in the country.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Vincent Biruta

The message marked the anti-corruption week that started on November 26 and will go through December 9.

Nirere Madeleine, Rwanda’s Ombudsman urged residents to report all sorts of corruption.

Tree planting marked today’s Umuganda from village to district level.

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