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Rwanda Gets €20m Boost From European Peace Facility For Joint Operations In Cabo Delgado

by Edmund Kagire
5:52 pm

Rwanda Special Forces in Mozambique check a stockpile of weapons and ammunition hidden by Ansar Al sunna terrorists in Cabo Delgado, in October this year. Photo/RDF

Rwanda on Thursday welcomed the support of the European Peace Facility, in the form of €20 million to contribute to the continued deployment of the Rwanda Defence Force in Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique.

Rwandan Security Forces have been carrying out joint operations with Mozambican troops to combat armed violent extremism and secure the return of internally displaced residents of the province.

Dr Vincent Biruta, Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Rwanda welcome the support towards restoring peace on the continent and remains committed to this cause.

“Rwanda greatly appreciates the support announced today by the European Council of €20 million from the European Peace Facility to ensure that Rwandan troops working alongside Mozambican forces continue to have the equipment and logistics required to fight armed terrorists in Cabo Delgado, restore peace and security, enable the safe return of displaced residents to their homes,”

“Rwanda remains a reliable partner in the fight against terrorism on the continent and we are pleased to collaborate with the European Union in this work,” Dr. Biruta said.

Rwanda deployed army and police personnel to Cabo Delgado in July 2021 at the request of the Government of Mozambique, and currently has around 2,500 troops engaged in joint operations with Mozambican forces. Additional troops are being deployed in areas that have experienced new terrorist attacks.

The Rwandan contingent has so far been fully funded by the Government of Rwanda. Since last year, the joint force has dislodged insurgents from their strongholds, allowing civilians to return to their homes, and also collaborated with SADC’s SAMIM force to pursue terrorists in other sectors.

The support came a day after President Paul Kagame revealed that Rwanda was solely funding its missions to cooperate with other countries to deal with insecurity out of her own pocket, citing an example of the Mozambique operations, stating that Rwanda does it out of conviction that it can contribute to peace and security on the continent.

Speaking on Wednesday at Parliament at the ceremony to swear-in new officials, President Kagame said that Rwanda doesn’t get a penny out of these missions contrary to what many think, pointing out that though support has been promised by countries and partners, nothing had come through it and that Rwanda does not do it for the money.


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