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Local Artistes On Journey to Conquer Nations

by Leonidas Muhire
11:35 am

Christopher Muneza

Many countries across the world, if not all of them have left behind the challenges of COVID-19.

Entertainment is recovering and music lovers returning to concerts to watch their favorite artistes.

Local artistes have also understood the new normal and since the beginning of this year, they have been scheduling concerts abroad. They succeeded.

Latest in this series was a concert by Ken Sol, DJ Pius and Jules Sentore who lit Brussels last Weekend-March 4 at Barmingham Palace.

The concert was highly anticipated and the audience was very curious and nostalgic for Rwandan performances.

 The singer who belongs to the cultural Gakondi label Sentore lit the Rwandans in the diaspora. DJ Pius first joined as DJ before performing while Ken Sol also entered stage and cheered up the fans performing the hit songs.

The local artistes who were geared up for the concert was big crew but Okkama and Bwiza failed to secure a visa at last minute.

While Ken Sol and colleagues were at Birmingham, Christopher Muneza Christopher and the Ibisumizi star-Riderman lit the stage in Paris-France.

Before the two performed in Paris, they also fired up Brussels-Belgium on February 18. The big audience  over there enjoyed the performance of Rwandan Hip-Hop icon, Riderman and the Hashtag hit maker, Christopher.

The big highlight of the show was the two performing hit collabo song ‘Ndakabya’ which they produced seven years ago.

Riderman had last performed in Europe in February 2020 and Christopher way earlier in 2013.

It is expected that after sharing the same stage, Christopher will stay for a month. He will thus perform in other European countries including Germany and Poland.

Mbonyi’s ‘Icyambu Tour’ Concerts Goes West

Since last year, the Baho star Israel Mbonyi who has won many hearts in the gospel music industry started a tour connecting continents with sold-out concerts.

Israel Mbonyi

Early this year, he started with Australia with five concerts in five mega cities. He started with Brisbane on January 14, then proceeded with Sydney, on January 21, Perth on January 28, before heading to Melbourne on February 4 and Adelaide on February 11.

Australia tour comes after Mbonyi released his first song composed in English titled You won’t let go. After leaving Australia, Mbonyi will head to Europe shortly before heading to the United States of America.

The Baho heat maker has also received invitations to minister in different nations including Mozambique, Israel, Canada among others.