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Suella Braverman Impressed By Rwanda’s Eco-Friendly Housing Models

by Edmund Kagire
6:37 pm

UK Home Secretary said the technology being used to build the eco-friendly housing units is efficient and time-saving.

The UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman praised the construction models Rwanda is deploying to provide housing for asylum seekers who are likely to be relocated to Rwanda in the near future, as part of the UK-Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership (MEDP).

Speaking after the groundbreaking of the Gahanga Construction Project, where about 520 units will be constructed as part of efforts to build homes for relocated individuals and families, Braverman said the eco-friendly houses built in a short time is a big step forward for Rwanda to provide shelter for the asylum seekers.

“It’s a big step forward and I want to congratulate you on your leadership and innovation. The Gahanga building project represents a big step forward in Rwanda increasing it’s already existing capacity to accommodate refugees and provide humanitarians support to thousands of people around the country,”

“This master plan represents a good example of high quality housing, a variety of units of different sizes to accommodate different family sizes and an early childhood development center, recreation facilities, and it will be made sustainably as well, and at a pretty quick pace as well,” Braverman said.

Braverman, the Minister of Infrastructure, Dr. Ernest Nsabimana, and the Mayor of Kigali, Pudence Rubingisa, participate in the groundbreaking ceremony.

She commended the fact that the contractor, Horizon Construction, being able to build the houses in just six months, using efficient technology, will ensure that the needed houses will be available in time.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Dr. Ernest Nsabimana said that the government will ensure that the 520 units, which add the already existing housing units, such as Bwiza Riverside Estate, will be available in the promised time, with the contractor working around the clock to ensure that by the time the refugees arrive, the houses will be ready.

The Gahanga units, which will also have green spaces where people can sit and relax in a homely setting will be built using fiber cement boards which are already compressed beforehand, taking just six months to complete the entire project, instead of 12 to 14 months if conventional methods are used.

Earlier on Saturday, Braverman said that she was impressed by the work being done by the Government of Rwanda and a private partner ADHI to build more units in Karama Cell, Nyarugenge sector, in Nyarugenge district, where some of the asylum seekers will be housed if they are relocated to Rwanda.

Braverman being briefed about the Gahanga housing project plan.

The estate has 3 main components including one of affordable housing construction with green technology and the construction of TVET academy for capacity building in the real estate sector. ADHI is expected to have constructed 2.280 housing units before 2023.

Braverman officiated at the graduation of vocational trainees equipped with skill to work at the eco friendly project, praising the Government of Rwanda and the developer for their efforts to put in place accommodation facilities that will come in handy when the migrants are relocated.

“I am delighted to meet these talented impressive and dedicated graduates who have undergone a rigorous training process under the expert, guidance of the team here,”

Braverman looks at one of the models at Gahanga.

“On behalf of the UK government, we are absolutely delighted and excited about our partnership with Rwanda, to be creating a vibrant community here to be a positive, secure, beautiful haven and home for many thousands of people.”

“I’m really excited about the contribution that these talented graduates will be making to the prosperity of Rwanda and the prosperity of many, many people,” Braverman said after touring the project.

The UK Home Secretary stated that she has no doubt that Rwanda will be able to welcome as many refugees as possible as the two countries work together to implement the MEDP.

During her two day working visit, during which she met and held talks with President Paul Kagame and her counterpart, Dr. Vincent Biruta, Braverman said that she has no doubt that her government will see through the implementation of the MEDP, despite the remaining legal challenges.

Braverman inside one of the units at Bwiza Riverside Estate.


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