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Moshions Turahirwa Granted Bail

by Edmund Kagire
3:06 pm

Turahirwa appears before Nyarugenge Intermedia Court on Monday. He was granted bail on Thursday. Photo/Igihe.com.

Fashion designer and founder of Moshions, Moses Turahirwa, was on Thursday granted bail by Nyarugenge Intermediate Court, nullifying an earlier decision by a lower court to put him on remand for 30 days.

The Nyarugenge court ruled against the earlier decision by Nyarugenge Primary Court to put Turahirwa in custody for 30 days pending further investigations into the two charges he faces, which include drug abuse and forgery.

Court said that there was no proof that Turahirwa was encouraging drug abuse through his social media platforms and also found that he was not questioned about the allegations that he illegally grows Cannabis in Nyungwe forest, yet it was one of the reasons he was denied bail.

Judges said there were mistakes committed in the first ruling denying him bail based on the fact that the decision was based on circumstances he was not questioned about.

Court however found based on the evidence that was found in his house, there are strong reasons to believe that he committed the crime of drug possession and abuse, dismissing his claim that he consumed Cannabis in Italy where he was studying.

He will continue to face the charge. He was also ordered not to leave Rwanda and he will be reporting to prosecution regularly. On the bond staked, the court ruled that it was not necessary since he had to adhere to other conditions set for him while the property staked by his father was deemed unnecessary.

Turahirwa had staked his business, which was said to be worth Rwf 300 million as a guarantee as well as sureties and also promised to cooperate with the conditions that will be set forth if he is released on bail. The fashion designer also pleaded guilty to the charge and begged for leniency, pointing out that the time he has spent in prison has taught him a lesson.

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