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Minister of Education Dedicates A Message to Parents, Students In Holidays

by Jean Felix Muhire
5:38 pm

Minister of Education Valentine Uwamariya

The Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya has asked parents to take good care of their children during this holiday season by spending enough time with them and rebuking them if they misbehave.

From July 13th, primary and secondary school students started heir longest holiday which will cover July and August. 

In her holiday message to students, parents and educators, Minister Uwamariya reminded that it is not a time to sit down and forget about their responsibilities.

She said, “It is time to sit down with your children, exchange, protect them from anything that may lead them into bad habits, and help them review their courses so that they return to school full of energy.”

Minister Uwamariya asked students to behave well during this holiday season, especially avoiding bad habits that include drug addiction. 

“Dear students! This is a time to refresh, spend time with your families, learn family values ​​including courtesy and love, avoid any vices like engaging in drugs and alcohol. Strive to revise your studies, read books and train yourself in science and have a culture of cleanliness, and on top of that, practice physical exercises,” said Dr. Uwamariya.

“I request the Rwandan community to cooperate in shaping a Rwandan with values ​​and ideas that will help us build a Rwandan with knowledge and ability to develop our country.” 

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