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A-Level Exams Results Released, 89.2% Pass

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:42 pm
Left Jamvier Gasana (REB) Right Rwamukwaya Olivier (MINEDUC)

Left Jamvier Gasana (REB) Right Rwamukwaya Olivier (MINEDUC)

The Ministry of Education has released 2015 senior six national examinations results.

In total 42,118 candidates sat for the exams and 19,438 (46.2%) were boys while 22,673 (53.8%)were girls.

Of the 42,118 candidates that sat for the exams, 89.2% passed.

Out of those who passed, 51.2%(19,499) were girls compared to 48.1% (18,059) boys.

The remaining 719 were private candidates and only 349 of them passed, representing 48.5%.

However, Janvier Gasana, the director of Rwanda Education Board says, “cheating cases declined to 44 cases this year from 100 cases last year.”

He warns that “there are invigilators who still misbehave. We remind them we are watchful.”

Notably, girls have outperformed boys but also the number of students passing has generally increased compared to previous academic years.

Girls Beat Boys in Sciences

Several initiatives encouraging girls to embrace sciences are yielding fruit. This year girls performed better than boys in science subjects which have traditionally been dominated by boys.

The 50 best sciences students all scored A’s.

Stephanie Ndacyayisenga scored the highest marks in mathematics. She studied (MCB)Mathematics, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Stella Kirenga Mahoro emerged as the best among students with a combination PCM (Physics Chemistry and Mathematics) scoring ‘AAA’.

However, the boys still stage stiff competition in sciences. In Technical secondary schools, girls are still reluctant to embrace departments that relatively require physical strength.

Boys have concentrated on technical skills that require physical strength including; carpentry, general mechanics and motor vehicles engineering.

According to the results 54% boys passed in technical schools compared to 45% girls. The pass rate of boys in technical schools is 9% greater than girls.

Girls in technical schools are mostly studying tailoring, secretariat, hotel operations and finance and banking.

“We are not scared about the figures because we have some girls in those reputed “tough” skills and they perform well. The culture has been holding them back, yet the trend is changing,” Jerome Gasana, Director General of Workforce Development Authority (WDA) told KT Press.

Gasana’s office is on pressure to meet the 2018 target to have 60% students in Secondary education graduating in technical schools, compared to 43% last year.

He intends to use the industrial based training system, whereby students will learn by practice  from institutions that offer skills they are seeking.

Examination results are available on Rwanda education board website, and both the WDA and college of education websites.

A-Level Exams Results Released, 89.2% Pass

Journalists at a press conference during the official release of 2015 National Examination results

Journalists at a press conference during the official release of 2015 National Examination results 

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