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Diaspora Initiative to Offer Free Cattle to Poor Rwandans

by KT Press Staff Writer
12:46 pm
Beneficiaries of one-cow-per family initiative

Beneficiaries of one-cow-per family initiative

Rwandan diaspora community has launched a new campaign to support vulnerable people back home.

The “No Rwandan Left Behind Initiative” with three components was launched to provide 100 cows to poor Rwandans, 100 small livestock and even payment of community health insurance to 10,000 people.

The diaspora is raising $ 100,000(Rwf 80.7 million) to finance this project which they want accomplished before the next national dialogue-Umushyikirano in December this year.

“Our initiative aims at helping the Rwandan Communities abroad become effective development partners of the government of Rwanda by making contributions to poverty reduction programs,” reads a communiqué by the Rwanda Diaspora Global Network, a socio-development platform of the Rwandans living across the world.

“No Rwandan Left Behind Initiative” idea was first proposed in December 2015. It resulted from a meeting that was held in Kigali on December 16 last year, a day before the National Dialogue.

The diaspora community brainstormed on need to have a landmark activity in areas of investment and a socio initiative in Rwanda and for Rwandans.

In the meeting two initiatives were born including; “Diaspora Homecoming Month” and “No Rwandan Left Behind Initiative”.

The first was intended to facilitate the Rwandan community abroad that wishes to invest back home, while the second initiative sought to combine all philanthropic activities of the Diaspora in one development program for the country, with a clear goal: poverty alleviation.

The Homecoming Month was chosen to be December when the National Dialogue takes place, normally a week before Christmas.

The diaspora is working on a target. Overall, the Rwandan community abroad wants to raise over 100,000 Rwandans below the poverty line before 2020.

Rwanda diaspora, which many people are now referring to as 6th Province of Rwanda is a well-organized community.