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Angolans Takeover King Faisal Hospital

by KT Press Staff Writer
11:10 am

Oshen Group from Angola through is subsidiary in Rwanda will takeover King Faisal Hospital and save citizens from expensive medical trips abroad

Oshen Health Care Rwanda Ltd, a branch of Oshen Group from Angola is taking over King Faisal Hospital this afternoon.

This follows a €21 million investment deal the company signed with government of Rwanda to upgrade this referral Hospital to international standards in April 2016.

Parties committed to a gradual handover until a time when the investor takes over management of the hospital completely.

“Oshens Group is one of the most competent investors that have come on board and we have confidence in them to make a change,” said Claver Gatete the Finance Minister.

Representing Oshens Group, Alexis Lifschtz the Vice President of Sphera Global Health Care told KT Press, “We need Rwandans to trust us since this is the beginning of our journey here.”

Lifschtz said the funds are meant to be spent in a span of five years.

The deal is expected to lessen the number of patients flying abroad seeking specialised treatment.

Minister Gatete said last year that handing over the hospital to an experienced investor will provide excellent medical services thus expanding its catchment area; “Rwanda has an ambition to become a medical hub for the region,” he said.

King Faisal hospital was built to attend to 170 patients but it currently attends to 250 per day and under the partnership with Oshens Group, the number of patients is expected to increase.