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Ex-Miss France Sonia Rolland ‘Received 2000’ Hate Letters From Le Pen Party

by KT Press Staff Writer
9:43 pm

Sonia Rolland, Miss France has consistently received hate letters from Front National Party in France

Sonia Rolland, Miss France 2000 and Rwandan – French movie star has expressed her discontent against the National Front and its presidential candidate Marine Le Pen following the party’s racism that has embarrassed her since the last two decades.

“On May 7, I’m going to vote against Marine Le Pen because I love my country France,” wrote Sonia on her Facebook Wall.

Marine Le Pen, a presidential candidate from the Front National (FN) is facing Emmanuel Macron in second round of election where French people will decide the successor of Francois Hollande at Élysée Palace, the official residence – office of the President of France and the meeting place of the Council of Ministers.

Sonia described a series of threats she faced from FN members, Le Pen’s fellows since her election to Miss France.

“In 2000 after winning the Miss France crown, I received over 2000 letters of insults and death threats from supporters of FN, because to them I did not represent France,” she wrote on her Facebook page today.

“… They scratched / inscribed on my car ‘Dirty Negress’ and on my doormat as well as on my door knobs of my apartment, I saw a big pile of dog poo.”

Serious insults in the letters that were sent to Sonia were comparing her to all sorts of things.

She said, “The authors took the time to bring it to poo (yes yes the real) by stating; this is what I see when I see you on TV… go back to your country.”

And surprisingly, many of the authors, she said, took time to even walk to the post office and pay for a stamp to send the insults.

Sonia said at that time, she had no choice but to keep quite instead of returning the insults to them which would give a platform to “minority of haters” to keep abusing her.

However, the FN extremists did not give Sonia time to breathe and to enjoy her rights as a French citizen and an international figure, rather, they continued to mistreat her especially at a time she was to exercise her fundamental rights.

Marine Le Pen French Presidential candidate representing the far right Front National (FN) party which has sent over 2000 hate letters to Sonia Rolland

She said the number of racists have grown bigger and their approaches very complex in the Le Pen’s FN.

“In 2002 I made a choice between Chirac and Le Pen on second round of presidential elections,” said Sonia adding that after the vote, she joined millions of demonstrators to detest the F-Haine, a name given to FN by several French citizen and newspapers.

Up to date, Sonia does not expect any change from Le Pen and her party despite a ‘friendly’ facial expression of the female candidate.

“We are in 2017, the face seems more likeable, the communication more treated while the smile that accompanies the campaign promises of more social, making us believe that it will be the voice ‘of the people,” she said.

“But we all know that in real sense, the FN idealists supporters are always so stinking and are hungry of power much as they are quite a big number than before.”

Sonia said, the ‘apparent’ laugh in the female candidate and her supporters today does not mean a lot to her, and a section of people in France, like workers, artisans, farmers.

They are the same people, she said who spared the little money they could afford to support her in Miss France campaign 17 years ago.