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Army Week Exceeds Targets

by KT Press Staff Writer
1:28 pm

The RDF has achieved most of its targets in the ongoing Army Week

Rwanda Defence Force has exceeded most targets under the ongoing Army Week even two weeks before its conclusion, new statistics indicate.

Free health services have become an icon of the Army Week; Nine interventions are conducted. Several operations are performed on patients diagnosed with various complications.

In the ongoing Army Week which started on May 4th, 90,440 people have been treated and most patients treated had eye complications.

The RDF physicians  have so far treated 25,499 patients, compared to target of 10,000 patients that were expected earlier. Of the total number of patients treated, 27,778 were diagnosed with eye complications.

Army week was also good news for women this year, with 3,949 patients getting general treatment, compared to 3000 that were expected before the launch of the campaign. In other words, this service performed at 131.6% per cent.

Moreover, 201 patients representing 100.5 per cent got surgery compared to 200 that were expected but the medical team is still counting.

During the Army Week, RDF across the country engage in construction of public infrastructure, support farmers, rehabilitate roads and bridges

While surgery performed slightly lower than general treatment in other services, the orthopedic service which deals in bones is outstanding in both.

In general bone treatment, around 8170 (which is more than 180 per cent) patients benefited free treatment against 4000 that were targeted earlier.

Similarly, close to 500 patients representing 144% benefited surgery, against 300 patients that were expected earlier.

Speaking to KT Press, Maj. John Bukuru, the Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist at Rwanda Military hospital said “we encountered so many cases in some services, like eye treatment where we treated a big number of the visual impaired.”

In some instance, he said, we are obliged to work till late evening because we are determined to treat all patients that come to us.

Maj. Dr. Bukuru said, there were so many cases in Nyagatare district where eye services are not available currently.

The medical team reached out to 58 hospitals and health centres from across the country and so far, the eastern province was entirely covered.

In every district, they visited at least one hospital and two health centres.

For patients that need follow up, RDF medics register them and refer them to nearby hospitals.

Beside health care during the Army Week, RDF engage in construction of public infrastructure, support farmers in growing essential crops, rehabilitate roads and bridges.

RDF officers working together with residents in Burera District to build a makeshift bridge

RDF officers spray maize crop to prevent it from pests

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