Court to Decide on Rwigara’s Appeal next Week

(L) Diane Nshimiyimana Rwigara and her mother (R) Adeline Mukangemanyi Rwigara

The appeal request by Diane Nshimiyimana Rwigara and her mother Adeline Mukangemanyi Rwigara will be decided Tuesday next week. 

The two appeared in high court today – They are accused of insurrection including forgery for Diane Rwigara and divisionism for Adeline Rwigara.

Adeline Rwigara first requested court to postpone today’s hearing saying she has been ill and fatigued for the past days. 

This was also supported by her lawyer, Gatera Gashabana  argued that his client has not been granted permission to seek treatment. 

Prosecutors told court that Mukangemanyi’s claims were not supported with valid evidence to push court to postpone the hearing. 

Mukangemanyi responded to judges while seated. Court immediately took a decision to proceed with the hearing which lasted for the whole day. 

For Diane Rwigara, prosecutors said her conduct has been unlawful especially when she insisted prosecution is not ‘independently’ practicing its duties – a claim prosecutors said undermines the constitution that endorsed national prosecution. 

Meanwhile, court turned down Mukangemanyi’s bail request.  Her lawyer, Gatera Gashabana requested court to grant his client access to medical documents which she should present while needed.

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