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The 2017 National Dialogue Resolutions

by Oswald Niyonzima
6:01 pm

The 15th National Dialogue Umushyikirano 2017

The 15th National Dialogue Umushyikirano 2017 has concluded with 8 resolutions centered on education, health, economy, and culture.

The Resolutions are as follow:

1.    The National Dialogue stressed the need to keep taking necessarily measures and changes aimed to improve quality of education in all education sectors, increasing the number of technical schools and fighting causes of school drop-outs.

2.    Increasing health infrastructures, and capacity building of medical personnel, putting more efforts in fighting against epidemics, and improved service delivery.

3.    Sensitizing parents about giving their children balanced diet, child development, cleanliness and promoting early childhood education.

4.    A continued partnership between the government and the private sector in providing more power plants which will increase access to electricity to more citizens at affordable price and will improve ease doing business.

5.    To sensitize more Rwandans on the culture of saving and to support the three components of Made in Rwanda, namely; made in Rwanda, Start in Rwanda, Grow in Rwanda and Beyond in order to create more jobs and to bridge the trade imbalance gap.

6.    To keep and protect values of the Rwandan culture and inculcate them among children both in Rwanda and diaspora.

7.     To enhance partnership among government institutions, the civil society and religious organisations in teaching Kinyarwanda in families, schools and media programs, bearing in mind that all Rwandans should learn and know Kinyarwanda and use it well.

8.    Youth Camps should be adopted allowing youth to work together in developing the country.

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