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Massive Turn Up at RPF & Coalition Parties Parliamentary Campaigns Launch

by Dan Ngabonziza
6:34 pm

RPF rally in Rulindo district

It was fanfare in Rutongo, Rulindo district on Monday, as thousands of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi supporters turned up at the launch of Parliamentary elections.

80 men and women representing RPF and coalition parties will campaign in different sectors of the country as they seek votes to enter the 4th parliament, on September 3, 2018.

At a fully-packed Rutongo playground, the campaign manager and Sports Minister Julienne Uwacu was introduced on the podium and told the crowd that voting for RPF has become the norm because of the party’s unmatched work to improve the welfare of citizens.

“Due to the good policies by RPF Inkotanyi here in Rulindo you have graduated from artisanal mining to professional mining as people have been trained in doing so,” she told enthusiastic supporters including those for small parties allying with RPF.

Minister Uwacu then introduced party manifesto and its coalition parties, before giving each one time to speak.

Without RPF, other Parties can’t enter parliament.

Socialist Party of Rwanda (PSR) leader Jean Baptiste Rucibigango who rallied for support told supporters that without RPF, “Our party cannot raise 500,000 votes required to enter Parliament. This number is equivalent to the population of Gatsibo district,” he said.

“RPF will no doubt win the election because of the track record demonstrated over the years. That is why we continue working with them,” he added.

Agnes Mukabaranga whose PDC party is also campaigning alongside RPF said:

“We worked with RPF Inkotanyi in the Presidential campaign last year because we believed in their political programme. We therefore want to vote for them in the parliamentary election to see through that programme,” Mukabaranga said.

By massively voting for the candidates, she told supporters that: “We need to give President Kagame candidates who will pass laws that fit his programs.”

The guest of honor at the inaugural rally in Rulindo district was RPF Secretary General Francois Ngarambe.

He thanked people of Rulindo district for their continued support, before conveying greetings from the party Chairman President Paul Kagame.

“All the efforts and political programs by RPF Inkotanyi aim at among other things, making Rwandans self-reliant. We must all play our role,” he said.

But to be self-reliant, Ngarambe told RPF supporters, “We need the legal framework that will be able to facilitate our transformation journey. That can only be done by voting RPF.”

Meanwhile, RPF released their manifesto of the 4th Parliament which runs from September 2018 to 2023.

High on the manifesto is job creation, Agriculture transformation; private sector development, urban development; improving the economy through services and industrial development, among others.

In the social welfare, the party committed itself to relocate 1000 households from high risk zones.

RPF and its coalition parties will also construct 800km of tarmac roads connecting districts such as:Ngoma-Bugesera, Nyanza-Base-Kirambo-Butaro-Cyanika; Base-Gicumbi-Rukomo-Nyagatare; Huye-Kibeho-Munini; Kagitumba-Kayonza-Rusumo and Kigali Ring Road.

In addition, 280km roads will be constructed around the capital Kigali and neighboring districts.

Today’s inaugural campaign on the National level kicks off other campaigns that will be organized in each sector of all 30 districts, according to Wellars  Gasamagera – RPF spokesperson.